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Life Savers

Life Savers

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The iconic Life Savers candies!

Life Savers candies were created in 1912 by Clarence Crane, a candy maker from Ohio. Seeking a candy that wouldn't melt in the summer heat, Crane designed mints in a unique life preserver shape using a machine used for making pills.

In 1913, the formula was sold to Edward Noble, who established his own candy company and began producing and selling the mints as Pep-O-Mint Life Savers. The candy's popularity grew as it was packaged in rolls wrapped in tin foil to maintain freshness. Over time, new flavors and variations were introduced, including the famous Five Flavor rolls. Life Savers became a cherished treat and even made its way to the Armed Forces during World War II when other candy manufacturers donated their sugar rations.

Today, Life Savers continue to captivate candy lovers worldwide, with their refreshing flavors and iconic shape. The production of Life Savers candies was moved to Montreal, Canada in 2002, where they continue to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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