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Hot chocolate mixes

Hot chocolate mixes

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A cozy indulgence!

Indulge in the comforting goodness of our Hot Chocolate Mixes, crafted with care for those cozy moments! 🍫✨

  1. Regular : Experience the timeless warmth of our hot chocolate, made with organic cacao and organic sugar. Each sip is a nostalgic journey into the heart of chocolatey comfort.
  2. Double Chocolate : Elevate your experience with our Double Chocolate Mix, featuring organic cacao and bits of dark chocolate for an extra layer of decadence. A velvety texture and rich flavor await in every cup.
  3. Maple : For a sweet twist, try our Maple-Sweetened mix. Organic cacao meets the natural sweetness of maple sugar, creating a cozy and unique escape in every delightful sip.

Made with care, our Hot Chocolate Mixes bring a soothing warmth to your mug. Choose your favorite and treat yourself to a moment of chocolatey bliss! ☕🌟

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