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Jelly Belly_ Valentine's Gift Box

Jelly Belly_ Valentine's Gift Box

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We present, the Jelly Belly Seasonal Gift Box for Valentine's Day.  Filled with a delightful ensemble of 10 tantalizing flavours that promise to take your taste buds on a flavourful adventure. This assortment is perfect for gifting or savouring on your own, ensuring every moment is filled with sweet joy.  In this box you will find the following flavours:

  1. Bubble Gum:  Bursting with the authentic flavor of classic bubble gum, each jelly bean is a delightful trip down memory lane.

  2. Cream Soda: This smooth and creamy confection captures the essence of a fizzy, vanilla-infused soda, delivering a satisfyingly sweet experience.

  3. Very Cherry: Savor the bold and juicy taste of intense cherry goodness, these vibrant red jelly beans are a timeless favorite that delights with every chew.

  4. Chocolate Pudding:  Each bean is a miniature indulgence, perfectly capturing the comforting taste of luscious chocolate pudding.

  5. Cotton Candy: This confectionery masterpiece brings the carnival to your taste buds with its airy, spun-sugar flavor.

  6. Vanilla:  This classic flavour of  french vanilla beans offers a simple yet sophisticated taste.

  7. Red Apple:  Each bean encapsulates the sweet and slightly tart notes of a perfectly ripened red apple, creating a delightful fruity experience.

  8. Strawberry Cheesecake: Indulge in the decadent fusion of fruit and cream with our Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Belly. 

  9. Champagne: Toast to sophistication as these beans encapsulate the subtle sweetness of celebratory champagne in every bite.

  10. Cinnamon:  Each bean packs a punch of bold cinnamon flavor, creating a satisfyingly spicy and sweet treat.

This Jelly Belly Valentine's gift box is perfect to offer as a gift or bring to the office.  Whether you're sharing the joy with friends and family or treating yourself to a moment of sweetness, these 10 flavours ensure that every jelly bean is a delicious discovery. 

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